Rita Novosyolova (b. 1991), photographer. Rita graduated from Novosibirsk State University as Sociologist, then she entered the Master’s programme in Cultural Anthropology at the European University and moved to St. Petersburg. Rita combines documentary and artistic photography. She is a professional web designer. Currently lives in Germany, Erfurt.


2017−2019 — Academy of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism “Fotografika”

2014−2015 — Photo Faculty at the Union of Journalists of the Leningrad Region (Sergey Maximishin’s course)

Participated in workshops by Elena Anosova (2019), Yana Romanova (2018), Yuri Kozyrev (2017).

2013−2014 — European University in St. Petersburg, Cultural Anthropology

2008−2013 — Novosibirsk State University, General Sociology



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